Guest submission: An Open Letter to Church Militant

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Dear Church Militant,

In light of the recent abortion law dust up in Virginia and the reprehensible comments of Gov. Northam in that regard, I thought you might find the following information on his personal history fascinating. Please read the information contained in the following link:

As you have pointed out in the past (but far too infrequently, in my humble opinion), abortion, contraception, population control, eugenics, racism, and American anti-Catholicism all have common roots … in Protestantism and Freemasonry. I would add slavery and Jim Crow to that list, and I ask you to consider these connections and pray about giving coverage to them in the future.

As a faithful, multi-racial Catholic in New Orleans, where Black Catholics make up almost 50% of practicing Catholics (Sunday Mass-goers anyway), I wish you would cover this aspect of things more often than you do. I understand everything you have been saying about the politically-correct targeting of white Christian males, but please don’t forget that Black males are also being targeted for homosexualization and demasculation by the same forces, and that they are also being targeted for elimination by elements of the police forces in this country.

Just because a gang of Soros-funded and similar AstroTurf outfits like Black Lives Matter have seized control of this originally Black community-based issue, it does not mean that it’s a total contrivance or a fabricated issue.

Coming from the South, with its history of lynchings and involuntary sterilizations of Black women for generations, I can tell you racism does indeed still exist and it is as anti-life as ever. And it’s Protestant, not Catholic. Please ponder how most Planned Parenthood clinics exist in Black neighborhoods in every urban area of this country, and I think you will understand what I’m getting at.

Having said all that, I will back your defense of the Covington Kids 1000%!!!

Keep up the good work, but just remember Black Catholics. Don’t take it for granted that the Black community is captured by the Democrats and mentally enslaved to their agenda. Don’t throw us under the bus. We are stronger together.

In Christ,

Roger Myers

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