Guest Submission: Adoration of the Eucharistic Lord

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by John Evans

Light from light, Thou Lord of Hosts,

From whom and through who all loves subsist,

How, Thou didst humble Thyself to die,

Upon the tree of life for me,

That I might bear Thy deathless life in me.

Oh creator of creation, Thou Incarnate Word, The Lord,

Eternal God and true man, Thou Lamp to Israel and to the Gentile’s shore,

 At the fullness of the ages, through the womb of Mary, Our mother, most blessed,

How I wonder that Thou should enfold me in Thy pierced hands of clemency,

By tabernackling in our midst, we wretched children of Eve,

Through Thy entry triumphant bedecked with palms, to shout of Hosanna in Salem,

Through Thy tears of mercy spilt in Gethsemane, having been betrayed by one so near to thee,

Through Thy blood and water on Calvary, poured out for the pardoning of Adam’s disobedience,

Through Thy descent, for the judgment of doom, to bear up those who waited with the Patriarchs who believed,

Yea, through Thy glorious rising from the Sepulcher, stirring from the jaws of jealous night,

And with all the merits of Thy ascension, magnificent upon the Mount of Olives.

Oh Eucharistic Lord, Oh living font of man’s salvation,

How, I adore Thee at the table of the alter, in union with all Thy body, of which I am a member,

Yea, in union with all Thy household be they in heaven or on earth,

With all the host consecrated to Thy name, from the first inklings of the world.

How, I reverence Thee, my highest good and peace thrice sought after,

Veiled, here under the appearance of bread and wine, being the true and real presence of Thy body, blood, soul, and divinity,

As I request of Thee, my refuge and my homeland secure,

That I might by this offering of thanks find the healing splendor of Thy Most Sacred Heart,

And finding Thy beatific self, rest in thee in whom my rest is sure.

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