Future Persecution: Is This Just A Dry Run?

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One thought on “Future Persecution: Is This Just A Dry Run?

  1. After studying prophecy throughout Christendom ,I feel that Obama is the anti – Christ. During his presidency he took long term steps to consolidate future evil.This includes Obamacare where a chip is inserted and would be converted when the chaos starts,to the 666 RFID chip without which one cannot buy or sell. One should NOT take this chip. Jesus has made it clear that we cannot be forced to take the chip, He will ensure this. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church prophecy (marykfilms) states we should not accept charity food from one who has taken the chip.
    Obama paved consolidation of the way for FEMA camps where Christians would we tortured/killed for professing their faith after the system collapses. It is widely believd he visited Antarctica to oversee technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, 666, and what not with the Masonic humans and aliens(fallen angels) there.

    Now he comes back as President in an unconstitutional move as ” man of peace” after the fiery event in New York when Trump is no more. This starts the seven years of tribulation…………..


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