Fratelli Tutti and the World Dragon

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Fratelli Tutti is a manifesto for a fully-realized globalism that reaches far beyond the sterility of free trade and finances as we have today. It preaches something far more sinister and fundamentally unCatholic.



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5 thoughts on “Fratelli Tutti and the World Dragon

  1. The show host continues to talk about the lack of binding force of this encyclical due to that lack of proper salutation and the fact Francis has penned this to the world and as a private opinion… fare enough. I argue it does not matter one wit, as it further demonstrates he is not a catholic due to his pertinacious errors of faith.

    These are not new errors unfamiliar to Bergoglio recently formed, rather errors always held. This is why he is not pope, one must be Catholic to be Pope, he never lost the papacy as he never held it.

    Anthony, I like what you are doing in general, so good to you.

    In Christ and fraternal love,


  2. We are now coming to a point in the Church–a Church that is officially embracing heresy and Godlessness–where we should pray and hope for divine intervention. The Catholic Church is fast becoming a tool of the devil that is misleading Catholics and the world. This is the exact opposite of Christ’s message that only He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    1. Dear Michael, I heard from someone who can speak with his Angel, that Satan has asked God to take over the church and that God permitted it. That was in March 2020. The Angel said: “As Christ died at the cross, the church came forth from the stab in His Holy Heart. Similarly, now the church died and from the stab in the Heart of the Church, the celebration of the Eucharist, the true church will come forth.” So you see, although very bad things happened, God always turns it to something good also. This true Church consists of the true faithful and is real, but will remain unseen (“in the grave”) for a while.

      1. John–You may be referring to Pope Leo XIII who composed the St. Michael prayer in 1884 after overhearing a conversation between God and the devil whereby God gave the devil 100 years to destroy the Church. Following Vatican II the destruction is now evident for those with eyes to see.


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