Francis Utters Heresy About The Mass And No One Cares

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Francis doesn’t even have a Catholic belief about the Mass. Can people accept the obvious please?




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One thought on “Francis Utters Heresy About The Mass And No One Cares

  1. After considering the details of the attacks by the wolves in sheep’s clothing on us traditional lovers of the apostolic principles of the Militant Church of our Saviour and Redeemer I had a thought,
    If the ban is against us to be in our churches publicly praying out loud, together it might be overcome by adopting the approach of Our Lord in The Agony in The Garden, the first Sorrowful Mystery of Our Lady’s Rosary.
    What if groups of us gather in say a local park or town square and quietly walk, (perhaps wander would be best!!) to the nearest church where Our Lord awaits us in the tabernacle.
    Upon arrival at the church we all go in, in no particular order. we all genuflect in adoration of Our Lord. We, each individually, find a spot in a pew, kneel, make a very reverent, very deliberate and perfect sign of the cross and start the rosary silently.
    That is, no noise.
    Pure silence.
    Each of us praying the rosary.
    Each of us completes 5 decades silently and then each of us individually leaves the church in no particular order, in a manner opposite to that when we entered.
    A perfect sign of the cross followed by a reverent genuflection as each of us leaves.
    We leave the church grounds and do not break silence at all on church grounds.
    Seems to me a mass of faithful being a volume of silent prayers just as Our Lord was in The Garden at the start of His Passion all entering the church when it is not being used for any other purpose would put a smile on the faces of Our Lord and Our Lady and send a clear message to the wolves that the TRADs are focused on Our Lord NOT on modernist rubbish that they embrace?

    Just a thought!

    Viva Cristo Rey.


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