2 thoughts on “Francis To Activists: Time For Universal Basic Income

  1. As an adult I can have dignity in my chosen field of livelihood (even though the government is presently dictating which livelihood are ‘essential’ to the state). As a child, I had to earn my allowance; it was not handed to me for nothing. For an adult to be given cash for doing nothing is only to buy a vote.

  2. This is good but not feasible in the poorer countries as per the law of economics. Anyhow this is NOT the first priority of the Pope. His first priority is to look after the spiritual needs of the church. This is the Right time to tell Christians to Repent for their sins and live a Holy life. He should stress on hell that one lost is lost forever.

    He should set an example going out and hearing confessions and encouraging the lukewarm to come back to church. He should stress that UBI is not as important as the loss of one’s soul. What a chance is being lost. We miss John Paul 2, how much he stressed on the importance of the Confessional.

    I personally who was spiritually dead for long and since repented and live correctly now have been preaching what I have written above doing everything within my limitations to save souls.


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