Francis Teaches Heresy In Public With No Shame

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The heretical statement heard around the Catholic world.




Dissertation by a priest: “The Theological Defense Of Papal Power, by St Alphonsus Liguori,” by Fr David John Sharrock

Catechism of St Pius X

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3 thoughts on “Francis Teaches Heresy In Public With No Shame

  1. Re post of Feb 4.
    Who renounces their baptism? Satanists. By this inclusion in his statement, Francis is opening the door for the anti Christ to enter.

  2. Ah yes, the famous exhortation from Our Lord to build houses on a shifting foundation of sand and never ever on a foundation of rock, since it’s just too darn rigid…

  3. Jorge Bergoglio’s position & title will not save him from the “pits of hell”. Our Lord said if you deny Him in the presence of men, He will deny you in the presence of His Father. Our Lord is ” the Way, the Truth & the Life”. By the hardness of his heart, Jorge Bergoglio brings condemnation on himself, along with Cupich, Roche & the rest. I won’t stop praying for them because I know no prayers are wasted. Jesu, via & vita nostra!


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