Francis Stuns With FSSP Announcement

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Be happy for some good news if you want but also be wary of gifts giving by serpents.




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3 thoughts on “Francis Stuns With FSSP Announcement

  1. How many of the FSSP churches are owned by them? I was under the impression that many were owned by the Diocese. and simply lent out to the FSSP. If that is the case I believe from the wording they still would not be allowed to say the Traditional Mass in many of these “on loan” Diocesan Churches? Can anyone confirm how many of the FSSP Churches listed on their site in the US are actually owned by them?

  2. ” Be wary of gifts given by serpents”
    How apt ! Could be a Trap just as satan puts across……..sigh !

  3. A couple of months before he abdicated, Fra Matthew Festing, Grandmaster of the Order of Malta, said to me “The Holy Father likes to lead his friends to a cliff-edge, and then walk away leaving them standing there.”


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