Francis Strips Nuns Of The Traditional Sacraments & Catholic Identity

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The message from Modernist Rome is loud and clear: adopt Modernism or else.




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6 thoughts on “Francis Strips Nuns Of The Traditional Sacraments & Catholic Identity

  1. I have had contact w/this particular very strict Discalced Carmelite community of women religious in the recent past. They are committed to their vocation and in my humble opinion will remain steadfast and faithful to their sacred vows. Will any of their brother/sister Discalced Carmelite communities support them? I can’t answer that question because fear has taken over in the world of the faithful. I will offer this suggestion because it actually happened to a Carmelite community in my area several years ago. They hired a good Canon lawyer who was able to prevent the local ordinary and his supporters from literally destroying the monastery that had been in existence for over thirty years. God is their rock, Our lady, St. Joseph, terror of demons,and St. Michael the Archangel are their protectors. Trust in their great power to prevail in evil times and especially over Satanic powers that have been defeated by the power of the Cross.
    Easter is the most holy of all our beautiful holy seasons. Take refuge in the power of the Cross.

  2. No servant is greater than his master. Our Lord was / is hated, so will those that truly seek to follow Him. Only the way of the cross leads to salvation. Jesu, via et vita nostra!

  3. The video was restored and republished with a forward explaining why it was taken down.

  4. ” . . on the Cross OF OUR LORD”. A fitting conclusion, Anthony. But, how
    to describe (poetically?) what’s transpiring “out there” among Faithful Religious and Laity, out of a digital Communist Moscow (Vatican)? How about:Wormwood —of C.S.Lewis and Chernobyl fame —munching away at the Wood of the True Cross [the Governance and Sacred Liturgies of the Ages] revealing a synthetic, plastic cross, a look-alike with no REAL Body of a
    REAL expired Saviour on it.
    Let us bravely endure this cyber-
    world entombment of Christ while
    yet —in complete Faith and Hope and Charity —awaiting His REAL Resurrection.
    “Jesus, I trust in You.”

  5. Lifesite article is unlisted and as of 5:45am, Eastern Time, 4/12/22.
    Still visible on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.


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