Francis Preaches His New Gospel Amid Growing TLM Ban Backlash

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And people wonder why he gets so much animosity directed towards him.


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  1. MDJ

    Greetings to all- what are your thoughts about resisting w Canon lawyers? How does that even work?

  2. Nancy Jervis

    No, we cannot join the sedevacantists, because we must accept the fact that God allows the election of mediocre to truly bad popes as a just punishment for our disobedience to His Divine Will. We must trust in His faithfulness by trusting in His Mercy. I belong to a SSPX Chapel, though at this time for family reasons we moved to an area where there are no traditional Masses. I cannot stomach the NO mass, and am presently watching the TLM online to try to fulfill my Sunday obligation. The SSPX and the FFSP have not left the Church, the present “leadership in the Vatican are trying to squelch them. Mons. Lefebreve was prescient in appointing bishops despite the hierarchy’s disapproval, but they have never entered into schism. The FFSP thought they could appease the Vatican by playing nice. Most probably they will soon need to return to the SSPX fold once Francis orders the shutdown of their seminaries and churches. Christ promised He would not leave His Church orphaned. We cannot leave His Mystical Body no matter how injured it is. Cling to Christ and His Blessed Mother and her Rosary, the great weapon to defeat satan.

    1. Michael Dowd

      Nancy–I am now a Novus Ordo “Catholic” since Vatican II. However, to me the most rational place to go to save our souls is the sedevacantist Catholic Church because it speaks and act the wholeness of Catholic truth. We are here to save our souls and continued exposure to Novus Ordo makes that most difficult. FSSP and SSPX are under the umbrella of Vatican II and will not fight it. Sedevacantists will and do fight Vatican II and spread the truth about it. Thus I believe they speak for Christ in this world while the Catholic Church as currently constituted does not.


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