Francis Meets With Monstrous Heretics To Celebrate Blessing Sin

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He’s overtly endorsing sodomitical unions.




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4 thoughts on “Francis Meets With Monstrous Heretics To Celebrate Blessing Sin

  1. Most Loved Anthony,

    My thought word for today is “absurdity”. That’s what happens when you put hundreds of people in a room and ask their opinions . You have scholars and the ignorant . It’s like asking Einstein to subject himself to a lecture on “relativism” . He would sit patiently musing about all the mathematics in his his head while someone tells him 1+1= 3 ? I think not.
    If Einstein were Pope he would instruct this grade schooler to pass kindergarten.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. Monsters beget monsters. Heretics love other heretics. Bergoglio is a monster and a heretic. Oh do not give me the crisp about material vs formal heretics. Bergoglio is a heretic through and through. If you think he has retained the office while being a heretic, fine, but I do not as a heretic as such is outside the Catholic Church. I for myself am not a part of the conciliar false church and it pretender clergy masquerading as Catholics. I refuse to have anything to do with the conciliar false Church. Modernists are not Catholic. Bergoglio is a modernist heretic. Draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine.

  3. Francis’s cherished v2 infailable words clearly say neither faith in jesus nor belief or membership in the catholic church are not important to salvation. So why change the faith and church to appease people like hindu etc or any defined group of people such as peds, polylamists, etc when the do not need to be in the church

    Francis,and his worshipers,is mostly consumed with destroying the church when in n fact v2 allows everyone in the would a way to salvation without the faoth or the church

  4. Does Francis understand and speak English? . . or
    is there a translator for every Anglophone who
    meets and speaks with Francis . . which would
    speak volumes for the ACQUIRED PERCEPTION
    that he’s been speaking English for years !

    I have yet to see a video where the cameraman/
    woman clearly shows Francis speaking English.

    And if he HASN’T learned English, the old
    adage must “kick in”, at least to some extent:
    “The translator is traitor to the language” . .
    which would include us guessing at his
    meanings, as well as the regular news


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