Francis Goes On Paranoid Rant About Traditional Catholics

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He just can’t help himself, can he?





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One thought on “Francis Goes On Paranoid Rant About Traditional Catholics

  1. This one’s a doozie. As soon as we’re talking “wings”
    [ right, left, centre ; factions; the chicken cares not
    if you eat his right or his left wing ] we’re talking politics.

    But political wrangling misses, and does not respect
    the ETERNAL REALITY which is our Faith and our
    adoption as Children of God at our Baptism. God has
    no nationality [ though some say Irish ]. The service
    of Charity by those of good will goes to each and all,
    anywhere, anytime. Always. ALL Nations “to observe
    what I have taught . . . ”

    ALL the Baptized are His adopted children, SENT
    as the Holy Spirit prepares and dispatches them.

    My twin sister was diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic.
    It took her life . . hounded her final days with: “I’m
    dying, and I don’t want to die!” [ Her life and death
    DID achieve closure. Received a Catholic Mass and
    burial ]

    Pope Francis . . paranoid ? Not so sure.

    Francis bemoans there being too much talk and
    little listening, which, from this Prairie Grandpa’s
    casual observations is only TOO true ! This, the
    Pope has detected, weakens the SENSE OF THE
    COMMON GOOD. How to recover and restore?

    Francis’s answer: SYNODALITY !

    WHAT, and HOW is that ??

    Says Francis: “the Church as a whole [ probably
    beginning before, but also encouraged by, the
    Pontificate of Pope Pius XII ] has embarked
    on a journey to rediscover the Word TOGETHER
    [ emphasizing it ] . . the Word TOGETHER.
    Walk TOGETHER. Question TOGETHER. Take
    responsibility TOGETHER for COMMUNITY
    discernment, which for us is prayer [ as that
    prayer in the Upper Room TOGETHER pre-
    pared for the promised Holy Spirit ]: THIS IS
    SYNODALITY, which we would like to make
    a daily habit in all its expressions . . ”

    I often get the sense that Francis thinks and
    speaks/ writes in the Latino [ Spanish ] idiom
    BUT HAS BARELY “CAUGHT” the English sense
    and idiom.

    Hasn’t he MISSED the the ideals and desires
    —expressed in a “nutshell” in his “Together”
    homily —which have already existed for millennia
     “contained and guarded” in the Church’s Sacred
    Deposit OF FAITH . . but need MANY HOURS OF
    quiet and solitude TO STUDY, learn and


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