Francis Bestows Upon Himself Bizarre New Title In Latest Decree

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Sometimes it feels like the Vatican makes a huge announcement that gets everyone talking just so they can then issue a new change to how the Church is run or structured so no one will notice. Am I crazy?




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3 thoughts on “Francis Bestows Upon Himself Bizarre New Title In Latest Decree

  1. Sooo, the Curia will soon be as Catholic as the average Catholic school / university? What could possibly go wrong? Will the time of peace be first ushered in by “fire falling from the sky” as Our Blessed Mother warned at Akita? Too many have embraced the 4 sins that “cry to heaven for vengeance”. Francis may well do the consecration as Our Blessed Mother has asked, but there must be acts of reparation, penitence. Publicly, I have seen very little of that. Our Lady of Akita, ora pro nobis!

  2. Have people no fear of God, that they laud this idolator-in-Chief, this blasphemous denier of the Hypostatic Union and of the sinlessness of Our Lady, to use her prophecy to bolster his own reputation and to shield his further destructive acts against the Church? Do you really think God is going to commend people for having GOOD intents for such a global fraud by hierarchy who are inventing their own church and religion? Please repent this support for this Mock Consecration.

  3. Mmmm . . no different from the Pre-WW II Anglican Synod? . . the
    Dictator Pope decreeing stuff, with no consultation, not that the
    Vicar of Christ needs to. Francis is certainly not acting like the
    (Vicar of ) CHRIST . .

    Still, does this shackle the Holy Spirit, or St.Joseph patron of the
    Universal Church, or Mary Queen of Heaven AND EARTH? Christ
    REMAINS “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” through ALL cosmic vicissitudes . . even when “the task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry
    is to DESTROY CHRIST and HIS CHURCH, and work to replace it with an idol, a false christ and a false church.” (To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, 1989, #406g “The Beast Like A Lamb”)

    First Christ’s Passion. Then Christ’s Crucifixion & Death. Then His Entombment. THEN CHRIST’S RESURRECTION. THEN THE

    The Permissive Will of God is inscrutable . . almost. “The Gates
    of Hell shall not PREVAIL against it (Christ and His Church) “.


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