Fear Grips The Bishop Who Oppose Francis’ Agenda While Schism Looms

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Things are coming to head as the mask is completely off in the Vatican.








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2 thoughts on “Fear Grips The Bishop Who Oppose Francis’ Agenda While Schism Looms

  1. We are in defacto schism, really more of a complete fragmentation. The Body of Christ cannot be killed, but nigh all the princes are hirelings who have fled. Even the “good ones” are pale phantasms of their office. We are living the reversion of Genesis.

  2. [ All emphases mine ]

    Schism? . . real hardening of the heart?
    . . plaque-blocked arteries?

    The opposite of “Collegium” as FAMILY,
    Founded on Christ, His living Eucharist,
    where “learn of Me, for I am gentle and
    Humble of Heart”reigns. [ I wouldnt be
    surprised if Bishop Schneider will be —
    by a powerful Grace of the HOLY Spirit —
    acclaimed Pope, once Francis has left
    the scene. A new Vicar of Christ does
    not necessarily have to come from the
    College of Cardinals.

    But no. Instead we have a Latino Dictator
    in full “bloom” ! Let me add a few words to
    the Modernist final text:

    “The Final Text is a BIG Step for the [ sinking
    of the ] Universal [ Catholic ] Church”

    “ . . building and idol, a false christ and a
    false church”. A “World Church” is NOT the
    Catholic Church, but a quickly, digitally
    cobbled, facsimile . . a big Ape, with a Tin
    hat ’n all, an aggressive Pied Piper leading
    a congregation of mice with little, COLD feet.

    LIMBURG, by the way, is the “home” of—as
    our grandkids would say —“stinky cheese”.

    Do we hear the roar of Niagara Falls? . . . a
    FAST-MOVING river is the Niagara.


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