Does Bishop Barron Want To Control The Catholic New Media?

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It sure looks that way. Ironically, if he were required to get a Mandatum saying that he taught the authentic Catholic faith he’d probably be denied.

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5 thoughts on “Does Bishop Barron Want To Control The Catholic New Media?

  1. I think nkk it’s a mistake to discount the sheer volume and loyalty of B Barron’s devoted followers. They’re in live with his charisma. Doesn’t matter what he sez, to them.

  2. BP Barron’s a wolf in sheep’s “not very well tailored” clothing. A consummate politician from the seductive Bill Clinton mold. A smiling schmoozer, which style frosts a dictatorial person. He has repelled me for years. Many sweet, naive people I know keep urging me to listen to him because “he’s so solid about …”

    It’s like the proverbial “you know what” in the punchbowl. I dont care that it’s “only a tiny hsmpster …” and barely visible in the large punchbowl. I’m not drinking it.

  3. Excellent comments Mr. Stine. We might conclude that Bishop Barron would do us a favor by coming up with a list of approved blogs and even better those blogs which are condemned. This would do two things:
    —Let us know which blogs to avoid.
    —Let us know which blogs to read.
    Bishops Barron’s idea is so stupid high doubt his advice will be taken. But I could be wrong. Let’s hope so.


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