Did This Priest Have A Vision of the Three Days of Darkness

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It turns out that the priest isn’t the official exorcist of his diocese but likely has faculties from the bishop, which isn’t much of a difference.




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6 thoughts on “Did This Priest Have A Vision of the Three Days of Darkness

  1. I like him but he endorses political candidates as divinely chosen.

  2. I have been listening to Father Blount on YouTube for a number of weeks now , and I can’t but help the feeling that the man is a charlatan….

  3. I attended the seminary with Fr. Blount in the late 1990s. Fr. Jim was a faithful man and a member of SOLT. I haven’t been in contact with him since those days in the seminary. I believe Fr. Jim is being sincere and honest in his recollection of his vision of the BVM. Since this experience falls under the category of Private Revelation it is not necessary to accept it as being a divine message. However, if it is helpful to one’s faith then it can be accepted but is to be used wisely.

  4. Its concerning that the same YouTube channel promotes Medjugorje as well as the article link that has Fathers vission.

  5. Thanks Anthony for all the work you do to give us a heads up about heaven’s retaliation against our sinful times. I put ‘Did This Priest Have A Vision of the Three Days of Darkness’ in the preponderance of evidence category, or another indication that God’s retribution will be upon soon.

    We have received many warnings over hundreds of years, that unless the world and the Church grow closer to God amend their ways, something bad was going to happen to us. These warnings by and large have been ignored and ridiculed especially within the institutional Catholic Church, a Church that has gone so far as to approve immorality by words, indifference and in some cases outright encouragement.

    God has been most long suffering and patient with us. This last vision of the Three Days of Darkness can be seen as another indication that some sort of chastisement is coming soon..


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