Did Pope Francis Publicly Deny The Divinity Of Christ?

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He’s either being sloppy or purposefully repeated the old Modernist lie that Christ the man and the Son of God are not the same person.





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3 thoughts on “Did Pope Francis Publicly Deny The Divinity Of Christ?

  1. Why are you always calling the New Mass parishioners “Modernists” & always decrying us as if we have no faith in Jesus & doing stupid things like dancing round the Altar, going up & down the aisles on a hoverboard! Only in America have I seen videos of these despicable actions, whereas here in Scotland, I’ve only seen very much reverence throughout the Holy Mass wherever I’ve been as well as online Mass in Ireland! STOP calling us Modernists all the time & making out that we have no faith!!! I like to sometimes hear what you say & I agree with you about the awful stuff this fake Pope says & does, but do not put all of us “Novus Ordo” faithful into the category of actions you see in your country!!! The New Mass is the only one I’ve had since I was baptised into the Faith in 1972 & there are very, very limited Traditional Masses near my area & couldn’t go to them anyway. Just STOP berating us as if we have no faith!!!

  2. It is not only a lie to deny the hypostatic union (then again Protestantism and Judaism have no use for the insights of Greek Philosophy-after all, it’s pagan-which the V2 Church does not condemn. If you have a feeling this is all a hustle, a con game, a hoax, a Three Card Monte deception, you are right) BUT a major heresy. I think I need to set up a YT channel again, maybe more then one-and the first thing I will post is a video to EVERY recognize and resist and conservative “Catholic” YT and Blogger I can find. I will challenge them to tell us all: other than ceasing to self identify as a Catholic or publicly joining another religion–Judaism is the most interesting example-is there ANYTHING Bergoglio could public say or do that would convince you convince you that he is not a true Pope–but an anti-Pope?

  3. Since the start of his occupancy of 5e Roman See, everything the Argentine has said about Christ shows that he denies the Hypostatic Union, so that there are really two persons, one divine and one not, in his accounting. This is also the Rahner-Küng heresy.


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