Cardinals Burke and Muller Respond To Francis’s Chaotic Statement

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The number of bishops responding in the way we’d want is growing, but so is the number who are accepting this change of Church teaching, as are the numbers who are saying ‘no, he didn’t really say THAT!’. It’s all so tiresome.



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  1. Michael Dowd

    The modern (protestantized) Catholic, the majority of Catholics, will more than likely never hear the words of Cardinal’s Burke or Muller, and if they did, would dismiss them as merely their opinion vs the Pope’s declaration. Thus the damage done by Pope Francis will become the new Catholic understanding concerning same sex civil “marriages”. This embracing of Francis “new direction” will be especially prevalent in the United States where most Catholics are well down the road to full protestantization.

    The only thing to save the Catholic Church from full correspondence with the devil’s intention to destroy the Church is Divine intervention.


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