Cardinal Sarah Speaks About The Crisis In The Church, & How Many Bishops Has Francis Canceled For Being Rigid?

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Bishop Strickland wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last.

Cardinal Sarah:




Bishop Strickland:



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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Sarah Speaks About The Crisis In The Church, & How Many Bishops Has Francis Canceled For Being Rigid?

  1. Anthony you should look deeper into what happened to Bishop Stika of Knoxville as well. Now there are some unusual complaints made here, however the majority is the same old schtik…. Old abuse cases and a few modernist priests being big babies. Bishop Stika notably resisted Traditionis Custodes. And ‘most terribly’ built a beautiful proper traditional edifice as a Cathedral to stand for centuries.

  2. The best thing about coming to identify SVism as the sole viable position in the midst of this vast cowardly cretinism, Talmudic logic-twisting and canonical pilpul , is that we don’t have to wait for the next non-clave which will promote yet another Ecumenical Shaman cheerleading for World Yutz Day. The irony of the whole thing is that the Church needed an authoritarian poe who would act as decisively as Bergo, but FOR the real Church & REAL Faith.
    Sadly, using the V2 position that “bishops aren’t branch managers”:is exactly the Gallican position, that popes had to be restrained by canons rather than overrule them at need. Lumen Gentium’s false ecclesiology will never provide a foundation or fulcrum for destroying the infestation of heretical perverts in control of the shell of the Church.

  3. [ all emphases mine ]

    New phase ? . . too early to tell. Ocean waves
    are big and HEAVY. Gotta wait, “hold fast to
    the Faith”, for the storm to blow itself out, and
    for the Barque of St. Peter —secured FIRMLY
    by its Anchor of Hope in Christ’s Promise —to
    sail once again on calm waters, bringing ETERNAL
    Salvation to the Nations.

    (re. @5:30 ff) When “Prairie Grandpa” retired (eight
    years ago) all job-related pressures rolled off his
    back. Once settled into his retirement, though
    now feeling the BEGINNINGS of aging, he SAW more

    The arrival of long-term MEMORIES formed a
    back-drop of a truly alive CONTEXT for the fresh
    “revelations” and convictions brought on by

    Thank you, Anthony, for shining the BRIGHT LIGHT
    of Cardinal Sarah’s observations, both on the current
    papacy and on Bishop Schneider’s Compendium of
    the Faith: CREDO.

    This Compendium is truly a quick read BECAUSE
    of its Q&A format, addressing ALL of the Church’s
    Sacred Deposit of Faith and Morals . . a golden
    “Fog Light” piercing the relentless foggy double-speak
    pumped out of the current papacy. St. Gallen’s and
    Francis’s “Reign of the Ape” ISN’T CAPABLE of clarity.

    With CREDO sold out, and now in the hands of many,
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church might best
    be used as a secondary resource, because CREDO
    has flushed out at least three theological errors
    in St. John Paul II’s Catechism.

    @10:09 . . “ . . that he [ Pope Francis ] may be
    illuminated . . gain and obtain the grace . . to repent,
    to retract . . ” is what this family —morning
    and evening —places in the heart of St. Joseph,
    Protector of Holy Mother Church, being S U R E of
    his influence with his “TWO TREASURES”.

    “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph . . save souls ! “


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