Cardinal Muller On What Happens When A Pope Embraces Heresy, St Pius X On Modernism, & Bishop Strickland’s Testimony

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Pope St Pius X On Modernism and the Destruction of Faith:




Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Cardinal Muller On Heretic Popes




Bishop Strickland’s Testimony





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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Muller On What Happens When A Pope Embraces Heresy, St Pius X On Modernism, & Bishop Strickland’s Testimony

  1. Anthony, this post hits the nail on the head. You clearly outline the various positions regarding the validity of the Bergoglio Papacy AND most importantly, point out that none of the traditional Cardinals and bishops have any organized plans of attempting to charge him with heresy nor how they would remove him.
    Anybody, from Cardinal to layman can cry as loud as they want that Francis isn’t pope or that he lost the office due to formal heresy, but without a clear plan to bring charges and conduct a competant trial with conviction , nothing will accomplished.

  2. . . . so Cardinal Müller is in fact treating Pope
    Francis as a BROTHER Bishop, but without
    using the warmer, familial language of Bishop

  3. [ emphases mine ]

    Regarding St. Pius X’s reflections:

    Already back in 2001 Fr. Chad Ripperger “unpacked”
    the “foundation” of the Modernist’s subjective thinking.

    IMMANENTISM is the official name for that heresy.

    REALITY “out there” [ OBJECTIVE, like Christ’s
    mandate when he sent out his Apostles at Pentecost ]
    is rejected for reality “IN HERE”, i.e., how I FEEL
    ABOUT objective truth.

    Modernists have no Anchor. Their barque is adrift,
    captained by anti-mutinany Dictator Pope Francis.
    Theirs is a man-made platform used for NOT doing,
    for NOT being sent out, except as land-grabbing
    pirates. Their [ wooden ] platform is for TALKING,
    endless discussing, ABOUT the Church’s ESTABLISHED
    Sacred-Deposit untouchables, such as in the recently
    “paused” Synod.

    Let Faithful and undaunted Catholics and Christians
    rest assured in Ogden Nash’s “take” on termites:

    “Some primal termite knocked on wood
    tasted it, and found it good!
And that is why
    Cousin May
Fell through the parlour floor
    one day.”

    St. Joseph, mirror of patience, pray for us.


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