BREAKING: Francis Issues His Order Hammering Summorum Pontificum

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Rigidity is the theme here, and quelling all growing resistance to Vatican 2.



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4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Francis Issues His Order Hammering Summorum Pontificum

  1. Funny enough, this sounds suspiciously like a tactic of Islamic jihad. The Islamic policy on Christians ー the only religion they are permitted to tolerate, along with Jews* ー is that, in an Islamic society, they may continue to worship in extant churches, but they are forbidden to maintain them or build new ones. The idea is that the old churches will eventually decay and crumble, and with them the extant Christians who worshipped there. It is a policy that can best be described as “restrict, contain, stagnate, decay”. Francis curbing the growth of the Church by restricting the TLM and forbidding new traditional priestly orders sounds suspiciously like these tools of jihad.

    The thing is, I get why Islamic societies have codified laws for stamping out and suffocating other religions. But why does it look like our Pope is doing this to his own Church?

    *This depends entirely on which of the Quran’s inconsistent and contradictory teachings on the subject of religious tolerance the local Muslim authority chooses to follow, as both tolerance AND intolerance is taught.

  2. So, we’ve gone from the cloak of a pastoral council in Vat2 to what they heretofore denied, the dogma of modernism.


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