Blasphemous Mass “Celebrated” By Bishop In Open Rejection Of The Faith

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Why are they so obsessed with sodomy?




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One thought on “Blasphemous Mass “Celebrated” By Bishop In Open Rejection Of The Faith

  1. “Ever-shifting values of the world” . . better known as the fashions of the world, in the sense that Ven. Fulton Sheen meant it many moons ago. Marry “fashions” and you’ll be a widow/ widower soon, and many times over.
    But by now the even the Sacrament of Matrimony —never mind the Sacramental LIFE following upon one’s Baptism —seems, perceptually (through the slight-of-hand Media), to have become a casualty of the feverishly intense Modernism within the Church, that is, emanating from many of the highest-ranking Ecclesiarchs and Bishops currently.
    How combat this Ecclesial brain-washing? According to a veteran Exorcist’s recent Catechetical instruction (Aug. 2021), it is critical that the Faithful DO NOT LET INTO THEIR MIND, MEMORY, & CONSCIENCE any information CONTRARY TO —in this case — the original teachings of the Church as found in the Church’s Deposit of Faith (Sacred Scripture; Sacred Tradition; Sacred Magisterial Teaching).
    BUT, if one has already become modernized by these Modernists, NOTHING ends up being Sacred, not even Church what is contained in the Deposit on Faith and Morals, not even CHRIST HIMSELF! In fact, these have been “dumbed down” and
    “poo-poohed” by that all-pervasive Catholic buzzword “Rigid”.
    St.Teresa of Avila teaches that the “Our Father” itself contains
    the whole essence of the Gospels. Our Lady’s Holy Rosary  —while one meditates on each of the Mysteries of our Salvation contained in the Gospels —consists of many “Our Father”s and many “Hail Mary’s. A very recent podcast on Sensus Fidelium also teaches that these basic Catholic prayers are fundamentally EUCHARISTIC, that is, verbal vehicles which carry forward SPIRITUALLY “the Source and Summit” of the Faith.
    While heretical Ecclesiarchs flounder and try to propel their well-fed, over-weight bodies in the “white-water rapids” of the “ever-shifting values of the world”, those Lay Faithful who stand
    firm on Christ’s Rock of the “rigid” Sacred Deposit of the Faith,
    well . . they DO stand firm . . and secure . . imbibing the Peace which the World CANNOT GIVE, ” . . because it has neither known Me, nor loved Me.”


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