Bill Gates & The Population Control Agenda

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The biggest advocate for vaccines in the modern world (allegedly) will not vaccinate his own children or let them use smart phones. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Bill Gates & The Population Control Agenda

  1. You should check out Dr. Buttar and his theories on what is happening and how 5G is involved. http://www.askdrbuttar/nnn or He is very thorough, well informed and makes perfect sense.
    Also tried to change my card number on your site. Had too many difficulties. Should not be so difficult. Gave up. I would like to contribute. …

  2. One thing is clear, Catholics and for that matter all ARE NOT to take the mark of the beast that is RFID chip which would be inserted on the right hand or on the forehead. This will happen when there will be no food in grocery store and cards, cash won’t work

    With this chip one will be given bare minimum poor food,water. The chip alters one dna to demonic DNA so one would be cut off God and eventually go to Hell.The chip cannot be taken off. Those with the chip will be walking like the living dead.

    One thing God has so arranged that the chip is voluntary, it’s one’s free will to take it. Those refusing it would be detained in FEMA/ tortured/ killed . However The Holy Spirit will give the strength to endure sufferings like the early Christians.
    Vaccines are also not to be taken.

    One has to surrender to Jesus who will always be with us. He has also arranged shelters for Christians where food will be multiplied. Guns are useless as we are dealing with technology hundreds of years ahead given by fallen angels.Again,when it comes do not take this evil Obama chip. Amen.


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