An Entire Bishops Conference Falls Into Heresy

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I thought the German bishops were bad but New Zealand takes it to a whole new level.




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One thought on “An Entire Bishops Conference Falls Into Heresy

  1. Responding Pope Francis’s “Joy-filled”, grumpy face (a few podcasts
    ago), I believe the following also applies even more to your podcast
    today, Anthony.

    When I descent into “Grumpy Grandpa” mode, our perceptive and
    thoughtful three grand kids (six and under) always come at me with
    “CRApah! . . you’re silly!” Their “concept” of depression is non-
    existent; pouting, yes, but not introspective “gloom”.

    They never seem to lose their up-front lively, emphatic, excited,
    high-voiced “commentaries”, brief suggestions, and “jerry-rigged”
    projects. A constant, refreshing reminder of true innocence. But
    not to worry: six-year-old Catherine’s preparation for 1st
    Confession and Holy Communion isn’t that far off.

    At the same time, some little kids DO “pay attention” during
    Sunday Mass and funerals (Queen Elizabeth’s memorial).
    Back home 3.5 year old Jacob (Kobie) has been “blowing us
    away”. His unscripted, loud, confident intoning of Mass prayers
    —hands folded, head slightly bent like our Pastor —has become
    a regular domestic “liturgy”. Nothing super serious here. Just
    joyfully “serious”. He does his “chant” and follows “rubrics”
    from the nearest children’s book lying around. On a warm day
    he even joined us on the patio, but swinging a bird-feeder
    as he carefully “incensed” the table.

    Sometimes Kobie’s “older’ sister Abby (4 1/2 years) joins him.
    Always one for belting out “Fireman Ted” and other kids’
    show themes, Abby recently joined her little brother in
    “Onward Christian Soldiers”!

    Their Mom —a VERY feisty Albertan — has begun home-
    schooling them. Their Dad, when free to walk away from
    business calls (at home), or back from a 4-day trip to
    Whitehorse, Yukon, for his company, often breaks into
    vigorous play and laughter with his kids . . “dangerous”
    toss-ups and “real” swingings.

    Will our increasingly Marxist culture snuff out such
    robust, wholesome “training” of future citizens?
    Well . . let’s look at it this way: we prefer to focus on
    and create winners, not losers. And renewed daily
    Trust and prayers to Guardian Angels, to patron Saints
    and to DIVINE Providence —always in syc with the
    Sacramental Life —will fill in for any human gaps
    and gaffs.


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