Saturday Bonus: Where Are The Bishops Of Courage?

Due to the FSSP and ICKSP bending the knee story that came out on Friday, my original video for that is being published today (Saturday) due to it being too timely to wait. Normally I wouldn’t publish a news story on a Saturday. Audio: Video: Regular Saturday video: Sources:

They’ve Started Coming For The Tradition-Friendly Seminaries & VIGANO BONUS

The embedded audio link is for the too-hot for YouTube link to Vigano’s latest letter on the linkage between the New World Order, the Poke, and Pachamama, among other things. Vigano Bonus: Today’s Video: Sources: VIGANO LETTER TEXT:

A Plea For Help From The FSSP

Are you a prayer warrior? Love Sacred Tradition? The FSSP needs your help. Audio: Video: Sources:

Francis’s Diabolical Coming Strike To The Heart of the Papacy Itself

The FSSP are headed to Rome for their ominous meeting, and Francis’s retirement may have been confirmed. We’ll see. Audio: Video: Sources:,nv,elem

Another Draconian Latin Mass Ban Reveals Evil At Work

The sacraments are your right and they don’t want you to have them. Audio: Video: Sources: https://www.

Meet The Man Behind The Latin Mass Ban

All bad ideas and evil actions have someone behind them, and this man is the man behind the Latin Mass ban, and by extension the man behind the greater evils coming in regards to the Mass in the near future. Audio: Video: Sources:

Guest Submission: The Fifth Marian Dogma, the Dignity of Mary, and An Appeal to the Subtle Logic of Bl. John Duns Scotus

by: Deacon Thomas Baca In December of 2018, Pope Francis’ made remarks that imply that neither Mary, the mother of Jesus, nor Joseph, were born saints. Immediately, the pope’s comments evoked widespread consternation in the blogosphere. The concern was that perhaps in some cryptic way Pope Francis was denying or diminishing the Blessed Mother’s Immaculate …