Yet Another Sign That Francis Is Serving Caesar

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Some will say its only a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, or that it’s only Midnight Mass, but come on. Why is the Church bowing to the needs of the world in this overblown crisis?




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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Sign That Francis Is Serving Caesar

  1. We should not be amazed of the disappearance of our Sacraments as Amos 8:11 says” “I will send forth a famine onto the land . . . of hearing the word of the Lord.”

  2. No one should be surprised by the reaction of the Bishops and Pope Francis to the events of 2020. Secularism has coursed thru the Church’s veins with gathering force since Vatican II. Now there is little left in the Church manifesting the message of Christ.

    However, we should not lose hope. God has given us Archbishop Vigano to bring the truth of Christ along with pointing out the errors now in actions of our hierarchy since the catastrophe of Vatican II. His words should give us solace that we are on the right track by rejecting the New World Order Church which is of the devil.

    Surely God will intervene at some point to help. In the meantime let what is happening serve as our motivation to become better Catholics in our spiritual lives and an example to others.


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