2 thoughts on “Wicked Bishop Who Placed A Pig’s Heart In A Parish To Mock Christ May Face Legal Charges

  1. Thanks, once again, for unpacking this lesser-known
    story, Anthony.

    A Vatican response? . . as you have said on more than
    one occasion, ONLY if such a response by Pope Francis
    will seem MODERATE —and thereby ACCEPTABLE by
    Novus Ordo majority —compared to the veritable
    “backlash” coming out of Innsbrück and elsewhere.

    For myself [ Mom’s temper flaring a wee bit here! ]
    it’s too bad Glettler continues to receive good food
    and drink and toiletry amenities, instead of a charred
    gullet and a “friendly” pitchfork in his back.

    “Some people’s kids !” as we young people, back in
    the day, used to comment on the nonsensical behaviour
    of the occasional neighbour . . or mall shopper.

    [Mom’s temper and my cowboy imagination kicking
    in again here ] Level-headed laymen oughta
    arrange a “High Noon” type of shoot-out between
    Glettler and Austria’s best known big-game hunter
    [Großwildjäger] . . to put an end to this “highly
    narcissistic” kultural kowboy and his habituated
    pissing on the Church’s Sacred and Consecrated

    The so-called “Synodal Way” ?? Glettler shows up
    its inherent WEAKNESS, its thin “abdominal wall”
    . . surely heading for a HERNIA.

    Glettler is simply behaving as expected, except that
    98.9% of believing —but confused —participants
    aren’t high-end “artists” who say far more than the
    ordinary Dick & Doug, Jane & Gwendolyn are
    CAPABLE of saying.

    We  —among the NON-scandalized —will not allow
    ourselves to be “hurt”, or, at the end of the day,
    allow ourselves to cave in to the offender’s diabolics,
    much like the spouse of an alcoholic seem —as if
    mesmerized — stick around for MORE abuse.
    [ Today Homes for Abused Women .. men?]
    DO constitute an effective pushback , protecting the

    St. Catherine of Siena, true Apostle of the VICAR
    of CHRIST-ON-EARTH, how much longer ?

    Answer: Fr. Chad Ripperger on the State of Evil in the World

  2. All that this Bishop needs to be informed of Luke 6:45
    Jesus said “ A good man brings up good things stored in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of .


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