Why Are The SSPX Asking Francis To Stack The College Of Cardinals?

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On paper at least this will all-but guarantee at the very best someone who is similar to Francis, if not someone worse, getting elected. The numbers of retiring Cardinals in the next 18 months are truly staggering.



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2 thoughts on “Why Are The SSPX Asking Francis To Stack The College Of Cardinals?

  1. Thoughts on the SSPX strategy, if there is one. Maybe they are trying to head off the scorpion that they sense is about to sting. Or maybe they think there needs to be a confrontation at a consistory before certain ones die who might fear God more than man. It could also be that they recognize that the concept of cardinal is changing under the current cabal and better it happen now before worse comes after the sin nod.

  2. So . . . where is the H O L Y Spirit in all this, hiding
    way up (St. Peter’s colonnade) behind the Statue of
    the first Pope (STILL holding the Keys) ?

    Francis’ line, “God is a God of surprises, not a God
    of habits ( . . good habits? . . bad? ).” I trust Francis
    himself will readily want to BE surprised, in homage
    to the (hiding) Holy Spirit, to Christ Himself, Christ
    as JUST Judge, He being “just around the corner”
    from Francis’ last breathe on Earth.


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