3 thoughts on “What Was Benedict Trying To Tell The World?

  1. Even if after Benedict dies and a letter is left, how would we know it was really from Benedict?

  2. If Benedict had resigned and a more conservative Pope had been elected and Ratzinger had carried on in EXACTLY the same way as he has over the last 8 years and the modernists made the same arguments that his resignation was not valid, what would you think about the new Pope Pius XIII? Would you consider the possibility that Pope Pius XIII despite being a super conservative Catholic was in fact not the Pope because Benedict resigned under pressure?

    Would you not call the modernists “crazy people” for denying Ratzinger’s thrice clear denial that his resignation is in any way forced?

    Second question. What WOULD Ratzinger have to say in order for you to be convinced that his resignation is valid? If he says his resignation was done in full awareness, it for a fourth time will that do it?

    It’s pretty important to ask yourself what would convince you, to check that you are not simple convincing yourself of something that is convenient to you.

    If Benedict cannot resign validly, then clearly he can never not be the Pope.

  3. I subscribe to the school of thought that Benedict remains the true Pope and Bergoglio is a devilish usurper placed in that position by those who wish to facilitate a One World Socialist government.


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