Weekend Update: What A Messy Few Days We’ve Had

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Anyone else feel exhausted? Here is what we had since Friday incase you missed it somehow.

Friday: Francis Curbs Growth Of Latin Masses (ends it by death of 1000 cuts)

Saturday: Francis’s Evil Reasoning For Destroying Summorum Pontificum

Sunday: Why The Traditional Mass Matters (Michael Davies)

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One thought on “Weekend Update: What A Messy Few Days We’ve Had

  1. The leader / dictator of the St Galen’s Mafia.
    Known in his circles “Franky Taters” has organized his response very much like the Archbishop speech in Shakespeare’s Henry V ; It begins In terrine Salicum mulieres me succeedant No woman shall succeed in Salique land.”
    Franky Taters has given such type of horse squeezes styled reasons for attack on a minor aspect of his perceived kingdom.
    The Freemasons who wrote it will soon regret it .

    God will not be mocked 🤨
    Ave Maria


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