Weekend Update: Modernists Bragging, and Vandals Smashing

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Modernists Bragging, and Vandals Smashing

  1. Much needed and well-said, Anthony. Wasn’t it Chesterton who
    also said, “What’s the point in having MORE, when one doesn’t
    even appreciate what one HAS?” Thanks-GIVING was Gilbert’s
    whole philosophy of life!

    But that is predicated on everything that I DO have and DO receive
    is a GIFT!

    St. Angela of Foligno (1248-1309) put it this way: “HUMILITY belongs
    to those who are poor enough to see that they possess NOTHING
    of their own.”

    So when moderns —DEMENTED or half-way there — go around
    “expressing” themselvesin hatred, envy, and lying endemic of
    politics today — they reflect the CEO of Hell. However, the election
    in Italy of Giorgia Meloni might prove to be a harbinger of the “ship
    of State” right-side up. A colourful (her smile!) crocus defying the
    cold and snow around her.

    Our Creator and Saviour is the un-aided Author of Mind (NON demented)
    and Will, of Memory, and of Imagination. Current Global violence, wars,
    envy, vengeance, and the lying endemic to ungrounded “politicians”,
    consigns Christ and His Church ( . . not Frankie’s) to BE even more
    Patient, and “Slow to anger” than in previous centuries.

    “ETERNAL Father, for the sake of your Beloved Son’s Sorrowful Passion,
    have Mercy on us and on the WHOLE WORLD” !!


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