We Were Warned: The Three Days of Darkness & The Great Restoration

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Catholic prophecy points to a coming three days of darkness. What that means is anyone’s guess really but numerous approved mystics have spoken on the topic over the centuries.


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Book: We Are Warned: The Prophecies Of Marie Julie Jahenny, Edited by by E.A. Bucchianeri

Book: The Coming Three Days of Darkness, by Joanne Ballinger

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6 thoughts on “We Were Warned: The Three Days of Darkness & The Great Restoration

  1. Thank you for this information. I had heard of the “three Days of Darkness”but notion more.
    But I have a question for you and/or other viewers. Does the Society of St Pius X acknowledge the authenticity of this prophesied event to come? I only ask because I looked on their website and found nothing related to it.
    Thank you

  2. Sorry for the typos in the reply above. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I proof read when “phone typing”.

    My kingdom for an edit function!

  3. It would be really helpful if the “We Were Warned” series of posts were in their own category for quick reference and the citation links you tend to post.

  4. I appreciate these prophecies and the messages. It is consoling to me because there will be a time when God will stop all the bad things happening. I know it should be scary but we who are faithful and live a life of prayer and penance. This is a an answer to prayer. I can’t believe the evil beginning with the killing of babies. That cries out to God, not to mention all the other horrible things happening in the Catholic Church, where a pope is trying to stop the beautiful Traditional Latin Mass which I have recently found. I love the TLM and wish I could go every day. The NO is so wrong on so many levels. Yet, there are many blinded people as I was for the last 20 years in going to NO mass. Keep giving us these wonderful daily podcasts which I don’t know what I would do without. I listen to you every morning during the week after all my prayers.

  5. Very good Anthony. You are an apostle of the apocalypse providing us advance warning of what God has in store for our wayward world. Others, not of the Catholic faith, are saying similar things. And anyone, Catholic or not, with eyes to see can perceive we are approaching a hellish climax to our wayward civilization and that the officials in Church and State are complicit, and probably unwitting, in orchestrating this terrible climax .

    1. There are numerous prophecies from Francis of Assisi to Padre Pio and others that day the same thing. It’s information that has been available for centuries yet is largely ignored.
      I have to admit I’m curious as to the purpose of these prophecies. The obvious prophecy of Christ in Scripture through Isaiah has been denied or ignored even after the fact by adherents of the Jewish Faith.
      I suppose being frightened into having Faith is better than not having it at all. But how long can a fear based Faith be sustained and does it promote true conversion and Love of God?

      I suppose it will make a great eternal “We told you so”. But if something like this were to happen, wouldn’t most people’s first impulse be to drop to their knees, especially if they’d ever learned how to pray?

      The goal posts for the conditions in the blessed candles keep being moved as well. If ex opere operato applies to Sacramentals as it does to Sacraments, then why is it necessary that they be blessed by a trad priest in the old rite?

      Is this a not so subtle denial of the validity of Novus Ordo Sacraments? If so, then Francis’ recent motu proprio may have not been a reactionary as it first seemed. He’s either a true anti-pope and those who believe such should have the courage of their conviction. Or he really does want those who have retained Faith in the only Church they’ve ever known to understand that their Faith is not misplaced.
      Abuses have been taking place since the time of the first Christians.
      For those who have cultivated the Holy Spirit’s gift of Love and strive to keep the commandments of God, is it going to matter if they spend three days in darkness without knowing why? The Bible has predicted the same thing; and asks that the workd will end in fire, if people ignore Scripture, are they more likely to listen to Catholic Saints? Does God’s Love fail because we don’t understand things?
      I don’t understand why God’s permits this global virus; and all the terrible destruction and violent, unbearably prolonged and painful death that has always been potential (or actual) part of life. Except that it’s part of our fallen lot and that personal sin has made things worse.

      I don’t dismiss prophecy. But I’ll probably continue to count on the candles I had blessed by my parish priest (if I’m alive during the prophesied darkness). If they fail to light, I have Faith that God will bring me through the darkness to wherever He wants me to be. If He can forgive my past, He can take care of my future.


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