We Were Warned: Schism And Our Lady of Revelation

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The Marian apparition that most people have never heard of warned of schism in our time.


  1. Francis Goes Into Full Damage Control Against German Synod
  2. Vigano: The Modernists Will Be Harshly Judged For Their Demonic Work
  3. Francis' Henchmen Declare: Trads GUILTY Of Unforgivable Sin
  4. Heretic Bishops Threaten Schism If They Don't Get Their Way
  5. Francis Just Seized Control Of The Most Important Catholic Charity





Babet, Collette. Apparitions At Tilly (book)

Gaeto, S. Three Fountains: The Apocalyptic Prophecies of The Virgin of Revelation

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2 thoughts on “We Were Warned: Schism And Our Lady of Revelation

  1. Thanks Anthony for an outstanding presentation of the fallen state of our Church and the world as it embraces Satan’s agenda. We are now being surrounded by the black cloud of evil. We must all pray for perseverance and courage to keep the faith. Listen to Archbishop Vigano, our stand-in Pope, for encouragement and direction

  2. The plans of mice and men oft go astray, because the Lord will have His way.


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