We Were Warned: Apocalyptic Tidal Waves & The Great Spider: Our Lady of Heroldsbach

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In keeping with Fatima, Buen Suceso, La Salette, and Akita.





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One thought on “We Were Warned: Apocalyptic Tidal Waves & The Great Spider: Our Lady of Heroldsbach

  1. ( @18: 25 ff ) ” . . and I would not expect them to say
    anything positive about this [ Heroldsbach ] message,
    one way or the other, ’til after we’re through this
    current mess in Rome.”

    Nice to have you cut through “this mess” on a regular
    basis, Anthony!

    Never heard of this Marian visit. But everything about
    it —message [to children]; duration; shortly after a
    SECOND WORLD War [ like, DUH! . . when will we
    “get it” ? ] —expands the “refrain” begun in Ecuador
    (1610, Buen Suceso), at La Salette (1846, France),
    in Fatima (1917 Portugal), and at Akita (1973, Japan).

    Within the context of “30,000 [Christian] denomi-
    nations” . . and counting! —not to mention the other
    world religions —Venerable Bishop Sheen’s
    observation on Our Lady is all the more telling:

    “I think one of the major defects in world religions
    has been the absence of the feminine. This
    becomes more striking in a study of Christian sects
    where so little attention is paid to the Mother of
    Christ. It would be strange [even in the ’70s] to
    visit a friend’s home and yet never hear him speak
    of his mother.

    Why are pulpits, which resound with the Name
    of Christ, so silent about His Mother, who was
    chosen for such a dignity in the agelessness
    of Eternity? Hymns abound in praise of her Son
    but not a verse to her who brought timelessness
    into time . . . the moon does not take away from
    the brilliance of the sun . . . Mary reflects her
    Divine Son, without Whom she is nothing . . .
    [ especially ] in this dark night of the world,
    when men turn their backs on Him Who is
    the Light of the World.

    We look to Mary to guide our feet WHILE WE
    AWAIT the sunrise.”

    —Fulton J. Sheen, Treasure In Clay, 1980/
    2008, ch. 20, “The Woman I Love”.


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