Watchdog Group Issues Bombshell Report Against Major Catholic Charity

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One thought on “Watchdog Group Issues Bombshell Report Against Major Catholic Charity

  1. Catholic Campaign for Human Development. [ In Canada ] Catholic Campaign
    for Development and Peace.

    Human DEVELOPMENT ? Hmmm . . not at all a “call to Holiness”.
    (Revisit Mother Angelica’s contribution to “The Call To Holiness”
    Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan)

    The Church teaches THAT IT IS CHRIST who is FULLY human AND . .
    (wait for it!) fully DIVINE! The “Mass of the Ages”, the “Real Presence”
    is OUR Source for becoming fully Human and fully Divine (the Indwelling
    of the Trinity) ourselves . . fruit of LIVING the Sacramental Life of the
    Catholic Church.

    But, through the likes of Saul Alinsky’s infiltration into “inner city”
    Dioceses —and with the co-operation of those Bishops —and his
    (Marxist) agenda to form “communities” in the inner cities, the “fully
    Divine” aspect of personal (DAILY) Conversion and Sanctification
    has been “thrown under the bus”.

    Enter 100% politicization and Marxification of the Church’s Hierarchy
    and the Laity. The demarcation “line” between our temporal life on
    earth and our Eternal Life (or Death) after breathing our last, is . . .

    Pope Francis & Team has been finishing this project “humanizing”
    the Divine, fashioning, in the process, a false christ and a false

    So long as the ideological schools of Abortion, LGBTQ, Contraception,
    Marxism, and the Occult remain human, well . . share the coinage, eh.

    What to ideologues care about being “fully Divine”? That would hinder
    becoming fully “human”. Pope Francis has virtually —virtue-signallingly —
    dissolved our “pay-grade” as sinners in daily need of conversion to our
    Crucified Model and Saviour Jesus Christ . . through Confession and
    Holy Communion and LIVING the “Christ-Life”.

    Throughout which our Guardian Angels, the Communion of the Saints,
    and the Graces of the moment continue to ACCOMPANY us.

    CCHD & CCDP: the Alinsky School is neither your Saviour nor your
    Sanctifier. Try a little Prayer (Rosary), Fasting, and Almsgiving (to
    CATHOLIC Charities).


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