Vigano vs Bendict XVI On The Validity Of Vatican 2

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Benedict releases a letter that got little attention that celebrated one of the changes to the faith at Vatican 2, but Vigano responds forcefully.




Also: St Vincent of Lerins, ‘God Curses Anyone Who Tries To Change The Catholic Faith’


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4 thoughts on “Vigano vs Bendict XVI On The Validity Of Vatican 2

  1. Put me down as naive, infantile, and simple-minded. But, what does St.Vincent
    of Lerins teach? “God Curses Anyone Who Tries To Change The Catholic Faith”

    Does the meaning or intent of Patristic teaching change with the centuries?
    Of course not. Otherwise, why do generations of scholars continue to study,
    quote, and apply them NO MATTER what century . . especially currently.

    Then let’s prayerfully —out of genuine love for Francis —see what this
    Divine Curse looks like if he has no intention of being Faithful to the
    Sacred Magisterium of the Ages.

  2. It was disappointing to read PB-XVI letter which claimed ST. A. was in error.

    I happen to have a pristine vintage (Image books) copy of City of God I was intending to give, I suppose I should hold onto it.

    I have read books detailing the dissertation discussed. Regarding the comment that those who rejected the dissertation were considered “obstinate” is sad.

    The truth was, Pope Emeritus was the student and protege of sorts to a professor priest who was a result of a mixed marriage- and had views differing from the accepted mainstream at that time.

    The Augustinian study was chosen by the master professor to be elaborated upon by the student.

    During the dissertation there was a major outcry as to its contents as it was contrary to traditional views. The exact views were never elaborated upon, and this letter details the actual crux of the matter contested at that time.

    There were attempts to block the acceptance and to reject the dissertion, and indeed the original dissertation was rejected until changes were made.

    During that time in history, the regional bishop also held liberal views and invited the young religious to attend Vatican II and it is true, the youth wrote many of the papers for the elder bishop to sign in his name- which were hotly discussed in meetings aside – it was indeed a shift of thought .

    What is disappointing me is that those bishops who sought to hold firm to the church’s original understanding are characterized as “obstinate.”

    It is disappointing in that I assumed that PB-XVI had regretted his radical leanings and sought to return to pre vatican thought processes, yet that is not the case.

    Highly disillusioned.

  3. Sad Pope Benedict is now not agile now and has to sign briefs given by Francis which is in Francis interests in deceiving us.

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil 😈

    Saint Philomena all powerful with God Pray for us.

    1. I doubt the current Pontiff or underlings could pen such a letter, I believe indeed it was the actual author- discussing a very tumultuous time, from his perspective.


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