Vigano: The SSPX Are The Model To Save The Church

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This will upset some people, mostly the kinds who are willing to take the opinions of commentators over that of traditionalist Bishops.



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13 thoughts on “Vigano: The SSPX Are The Model To Save The Church

  1. It seems we are going down the same path, the sex abuse is just as bad in SSPX… no were to run! the SSPX is not the a good example!

  2. I’m a huge fan of Archbishop Vigano, so I have to wonder if he’s unaware of credible allegations against the SSPX in regard to widespread sexual abuse. The whole thing is appalling.

    1. Judy;
      Statistics show that abuse of all kinds is much higher in the protestant denominations than in the Catholic Church. The fact is that mankind is fallen which means that even clergy are susceptible to errors and sin. The worst part of the past abuses inside the Catholic church is the efforts over many decades to hide the abuses, going so far as to move priests to different parishes rather than to remove them from contact with the lay members of the Church until such time as the offender has conquered their weaknesses.

      I have to wonder what is the source of YOUR allegations? I read a lot about our Church though I am not aware of any such allegations as you suggest. Perhaps you can pray more and spread rumors less as spreading unsubstantiated rumors truly is appalling.
      In Hoc Signo Vinces.

  3. It’s unfortunate that the SSPX has abandoned Archbishop Lefebvre’s position & is instead heading in the opposite direction…embracing modernism & returning to Rome & adopting their ways before Rome returns to Tradition. I wonder if Archbishop Vigano knows this.

    In opposition to ABL’s stance, Bishop Fellay said that the SSPX accepts 95% of Vat II teachings, but now it seems more like 97% since they have embraced false ecumenism by referring laity to non-Catholics for spiritual advice, such as a Protestant Minister for marital advice & a Protestantized subjectivist for Marxist, Freudian-based, UNESCO & Bishop Barron-supported chastity psychotherapy. Leadership, the local priest, & other SSPX priests say all of this is needed “practical advice”, which is Marxist lingo to nudge laity into adopting modernism.

    The SSPX refers laity to a 3-day workshop for men thru their chastity expert (known nation-wide as a Theology of the Body instructor for adults and children) & uses modernist (feelings-based vs. dogmatic) methods that have been proven by Dr. William Coulson to destroy the Catholic Faith. He gives priests perverted advice for use in the confessional. It would be irresponsible for a parent to allow his child in an SSPX confessional knowing that SSPX priests have praised this modernist “expert”. Our former young SSPX priest recently reconfirmed his support of this “expert” when a father of a large family expressed his concern.

    There is not much resistance any longer in the SSPX…just mutual recognition. Modernist bishops (who have destroyed the Faith of innocent souls in their own dioceses) are now coming into SSPX chapels to impress and influence souls as if they are trusted & good shepherds…subtly poisoning traditional flocks. This was the plan thru Pope Francis’ marriage deals with the SSPX.

    Like the visible church, the SSPX supports the sin of vaccinating children with aborted baby cells (& other toxins) for children’s attendance at SSPX schools in NY (the MRC-5 cell line alone originates from a study in which 76 aborted babies were taken from their “unfit” mothers); they support moving around priests who abuse children to protect their image.

    I thought we had found tradition when we entered an SSPX chapel, but instead we found the New Order cloaked in traditional aesthetics. I like Archbishop Vigano. I hope he is just naïve about the current position of the SSPX and is not controlled opposition to lead the clueless to the pseudo-trads who are being controlled under the umbrella of the New Order apostates.

  4. No mention of the sspx Marian corp.The bishops and laiety whomstill stay true to The original sspx and all abp taught.?Not sure from their updates,The conciliar sspx has done all of that.They stay silent on the council,Have mademdeals and signed doctrinal declarations ,not speaking out about the council,Or dangerous matters.BISHOPwilliamson covers mosst of it all,I hope It all works itself out,and it will one day soon.I love the church,the faith,And have everything to owe these good priests,Their teachings,the myriad of talks and stories about Catholics down through history,Incedee ts letters written in the past during times of persecusion,By priests of their time,Videos with actual family photos annd stories of the Cristeros,What happened in nyc in the 1840s To st Patricks Cathredral,And the killing of Catholics un the us.A bishopDaggar John Hughs,and I am not sure I spelled that right.Saved the Catholics,in the city and his cathredral,He was a fighter,a protector of the faith,and faithful,did not put up with the murders and church burnings.And Saved much.By his response.We had a huge sspx parish and seminary in the city I live in.And around 2012,after the signing of ” the doctrinal declaration ” They dissapeared and I still can get no answers on that.So I pray the rosary listen to everything every day,sermons,conferences talks masses everything,And pray for the day and always speak my mind and post their stuff on fb.Go to confessions make spiritual communions.They changed,me my life,And a knowledge of the faith I never had before.Until there is an uncompromised place to go,I cannot do much else.I tried being Catholic in the conciliar church.Spoke up and out against all the prevelant issues encounted and people.Got thrown out of everything,as did anyone else who did the same.Saw good priest suffer,some become ill,some die.Who dared to speak out and do the same.We need more priests to travel everywhere,To bring the sacraments to people and the faith.The Marian Corp does.But are small in number.They did not go with all the social distancing,mask wearing bs.Excuse the abbreviation.They are truly brave souls,Who just stuck with all Abp Lefebre stood for.So,We pray for the day we get a good pope,Does what has been requested,Praying something arises .It is a suffering Only God and our Lady knows.And there will always be 2 or more sides to every story.

  5. The SSPX holy Fathers are the well spring of the Faith. They teach the Faith. Vespers and Benediction tonight at Holy Cross Seminary in Australia. We drove 3 hours round trip to get there. The ‘Council’ destroyed these sacred ceremonies … they stole the church from us. People are being led back. Mother Mary showed me the way and we know how many people are receiving locutions of illumination of conscience and warnings…. our Mother is calling. The SSPX brought us back to the Faith with just one mass. We have never returned to the ‘councillor church’. It is exciting to see the rise of Holy Mother Church but there will be much pain first as she suffers her Passion sadly.

  6. After all churches closed in March, we started attending a small SSPX church. It’s been such a blessing to hear real homilies and participate in theIr beautiful TLM. I can see the differences in my teenage boys’ behavior and devotion. God has a plan and makes everything good if we follow him!

  7. Thanks Anthony for keeping up to date on the direction provided us by Archbishop Vigano who is now, in our time of rampant heresy and blatant corruption in the Church, our stand-in Pope temporarily acting as God’s spokesman.

    I take from this latest communication of his that is perfectly permissible for Catholics who find their Novus Ordo parish unacceptable from an orthodox Catholic view to attend sign up with an SSPX parish.

    I would appreciate any comments on my conclusion.

    1. Michael Dowd, I totally agree. I left the Novus Ordo church and went to SSPX because I was disgusted how the shepherds were abandoning their flocks and leading us down the path of Modernism. I truly feel that God led us there…So glad I found Ab Vigano and Fr James Altman in 2020. Both speak the truth, unfortunately, the Cardinals and Bishops didn’t like hearing Fr Altman speak so had his faculties removed. Thank God for Ab Vigano for leading us!

      1. Thank you Phyllis. Hopefully we will hear more from Archbishop Vigano as the Novus Ordo Church completely unwinds.
        On the positive side my Novus Ordo Cathedral, where I attend Mass, started saying the St Michael prayer after every Mass.

    2. This is what I did with my family. It’s the best choice left to us.


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