Vigano: The Message of Fatima and Our Lady

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Hatred of Our Lady is widespread in our time. Vigano goes off on this and points out its deeper connection to the message of Fatima.



Bishop Schneider and The SSPX Strike Back At Francis Return To Tradition

We have no duty to listen to Francis on this ban. Anyone who does not fight for the Mass does not deserve access to it. RtT's offical Sponsor: Sources: Contact Me: Email: Support My Work: Patreon SubscribeStar Physical Mail: Anthony Stine PO Box 3048 Shawnee, OK 74802 Follow me on the following social media: Back Up +JMJ+ — Support this podcast:
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  1. Michael Dowd

    All so true Anthony. The Vatican II Church takes a dismissive attitude towards Fatima. I will be surprised if today at Mass it will be even mentioned and not without reason. Our Lady in her appearances over the last several centuries has been critical of Church leadership for not doing their job and being caught up in the ways of the world, e.g., the revelations of the 3rd Secret of Fatima.

    It is highly doubtful the Church hierarchy will change it’s ways and reform itself. Rather the situation worsens by the day particularly since the infamous Vatican II Council and most obviously with the coming of “Pope” Francis who appears to be an enthusiastic servant of Satan.

    Our best hope now is that the Great Chastisement promised by Our Lady will soon be upon us in order that more souls will not be lost as the devil and his servants in the Church and national governments follow the ways of the devil.


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