Vigano: The Jesuits Are Servants Of Evil

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4 thoughts on “Vigano: The Jesuits Are Servants Of Evil

  1. My OVER-ALL re-action to this, your latest podcast, is silence. I mean, it seems certain that the events themselves, clearly and fairly arrayed, in your videos, are
    sure to play out. And certainty about
    this trajectory (ought to) hasten the men and women of Faith to unwav-eringly summon the forces of Heaven . . AT THE VERY LEAST, the daily Rosary prayed from the heart . . because it seems equally certain that the enemy (Modernists;
    Freemasons, Secularists, Globalists) look with contempt on
    that tiny string of beads, just as Goliath looked —if he even noticed at all — with contempt on David’s dangling little sling.

  2. Anthony, why do you want to know our opinion? You already know the truth in these matters. I have nothing more to add but to nod my head and agree.

    1. Yes, no Jesuit was ever to become the pope. In addition it was Fr. Kolvenbach, Superior General of the Jesuit Order when Bergolglio was Bishop of Argentina, who wrote a letter to the then papal nuncio, stating that Bergolglio was unfit to be promoted for a variety of documented reasons. That letter has since disappeared. However, Bergolglio was made Archbishop of Argentina despite Fr. Kolvenbach’s accurate account that Bergolglio was unfit for any promotion within the Church hierarchy. In addition in order to be a canonically elected pope, one has to demonstrate that he is a CATHOLIC IN ACCORDANCE W/CHURCH DOCTRINE, DOGMA.

      1. Since the Jesuits had taken such a prominent role in education of Catholic youth, it is no surprise they were a target for the Great Deceiver. First, water down and corrupt teaching of the faith to our children, then after several generations, that begins to impact vocations, which ultimately spreads to the episcopate and the cardinalate. Now they seek to founder the hierarchy altogether. This attack on the priesthood, which stems from a lack of supernatural faith in the Real Presence of the Eucharist, is clearly at home in the Society of Jesus. Certainly, there must be good Jesuits, who must assuredly need our prayers, since they must undertake great trials.


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