Vigano: The Hypocrisy of Francis About Vatican 2

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We’re definitely in Letter Season in the Church. No worries though.




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3 thoughts on “Vigano: The Hypocrisy of Francis About Vatican 2

  1. @Michael Dowd – agree. Unfortunately, finding a traditional parish or Mass is difficult. All NO around us, mostly good. This battle between Abp V and Holy Father isn’t helpful. For pointing out errors, fine, but I am uneasy about Holy Father being identified by his surname. We’re supposed to love and pray for him. Kinda hard to do when this is playing out in public.

    1. Agree that calling Pope Francis, Bergoglio, is disrespectful of the office. In the future I will refer him as “Pope” Francis. Just because “Pope” Francis calls traditional Catholics names we should not do likewise.

  2. Agree 100% with Vigano. The purpose of Vatican II was a rebellion against God and His truth and has nearly destroyed the institutional Church making it first Protestant and then secular. Our Lady said this would happen if requests were not followed.

    The ambiguous words found in Vatican II were purposely made ambiguous so as to allow the Vatican to interpret and re-interpret it in conjunction with the developing plans for a One World Government as we now see unfolding before our eyes in the form false pandemics, a false election, the inculcation of fear by the government etc. Wake up everybody. Return to the truth and orthodox Catholicism. Pray, say the rosary, follow orthodox Catholicism, don’t listen to the lying MSM, use your common sense.

    For more on the subject of the inculcation of fear and subjugation in economics listen to Gregory Mannarino: TODAY THE STOCK MARKET HITS NEW RECORD HIGHS AS THE ECONOMY FREEFALLS.


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