4 thoughts on “Vigano Responds To His Criticism Accusing Him of Schism, Again

  1. Here, here to our Archbishop Vigano, a courageous cleric who may be placed in harm’s way like other saints (Kunz and Martin) for speaking the Truth and protecting Holy Mother Church. May the conciliar church continue to be damned! And may those who lack discernment be deserving of God’s Great Mercy despite their ignorance, stupidity and failure to READ!!!

  2. Michael Dowd, now you select your own popes! You have come up in the world. I see you are still a protestant.

    1. Dendrite–

      Vigano is correct. Listen to him. And listen to Malachi Martin on YouTube. Here is Malachi talking about the 3rd Secret of Fatima. You might gain insight into the current situation in the Church and support Vigano.

  3. Another excellent “encyclical” in defense of the faith and himself by Archbishop Vigano. In my opinion Archbishop Vigano is our de facto Pope under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to provide truth and direction to faithful Catholics. This has become necessary because “Pope” Francis is a heretic and an imposter.

    Archbishop Vigano has taken up the cause, long overdue, of placing Vatican II in perspective of historical Catholic orthodoxy and make an assessment of the damage caused to the faith by this most evil document whose fundamental intent was to undermine, weaken and destroy the faith through a process of Protestantization and Cultural Marxism. The ultimate end of these efforts is to prepare the Church as useful tool of the coming Anti-Christ.

    In order to begin the reform of the Catholic Church Vatican II must be seen for the destructive document it is and ultimately abrogated in its entirety. This appears to be Archbishop Vigano’s mission from God for the remainder of his life. We must all pray that he succeeds.


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