Vigano Issues A Dire Warning About The Men Francis Is Promoting

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The Bubble Mass really puts things into perspective




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5 thoughts on “Vigano Issues A Dire Warning About The Men Francis Is Promoting

  1. To the above comments:

    St. Catherine was speaking in regards to a duly elected Pope. She supported the true Pope against the anti Pope.
    Much is questionable about Benedict’s resignation and Bergoglio “election”.

    1. A good distinction, Mr. Murphy. Thanks. Meanwhile, AT EACH AND ALL MASSES —Novus Ordo; Anglican Ordinariate Mass (Salum Rite) . . our home parish; Ukrainian Greek Catholic Rite ( . . which, being away from
      home, my wife and I attended this morning) —the Church remembers and prays for Pope Francis. Does such a universal “coverage” of Prayer for the Pope make up for his many perceived human, political, and personal
      faults and glaring departures from (the “rigid”) Sacred Deposit of the Faith? A question which begs to be clarified
      and resolved by the humble and holy and always fruitful diplomat, Venerable Pope Pius XII.

      Meanwhile, as Anthony ferrets out and clarifies ever more troubling aspects Francis’ pontificate —régime —to which
      I continue to respond from a pre-Vatican II, Pius XII perspective, my wife and I continue to pray for Francis daily . . both in our Morning Prayers, and evening Rosary . . trusting that these prayers —in union with those of the Faithful throughout the world — ARE heard! It is up to Christ, Just Judge, to assign the moment(s) of resolution . . through
      whom He chooses.

      Our Lady, Untier of Knots, pray for us.

      St.Peter, pray for us.

      All you holy Apostles and Evangelists, pray for us.

      All you holy disciples of the Lord, pray for us.

      All you holy Bishops and Confessors, pray for us.

      All you holy Priests and Clergy, pray for us.

      To preserve in holy religion the Pope, and all those in Holy Orders, be merciful to us sinners.

      To recall to the unity of the Church all those who are straying, be merciful to us sinners.

      That it may please you to bring us to true repentance, be merciful to us sinners.

      To strengthen and preserve us in your holy service, be merciful to us sinners.

      That it may pleas you to hear and heed us, be merciful to us sinners.

      1. We should pray for all sinners including Bergoglio. However our prayers cannot “cover” for any one’s sins. They must repent!

        1. Which, of course, we do . . with every “Hail Mary” of every Rosary we pray. By “cover” is NOT meant: replacing the duty of fellow sinners to “pray and do penance” —and LIVE Fatima’s “Morning Offering” — but to obtain the necessary graces to help them “to strive, to strive, to strive, to strive” (St.Teresa of Avila) in maintaining this duty.
          Only Christ’s INFINITE Merits explain the very existence of His Immaculate Mother and of her capacity as “Refuge
          of Sinners” and “Mediatrix of ALL Grace”.

  2. “Dictator” Pope Francis is all wrong! wrong! WRONG! . . because wrong-HEADED! Impossible that Bergoglio
    has acquired THE MIND OF CHRIST ! Yet, I personally STILL subscribe to St. Catherine of Siena’s serious
    caution, “Even if the Pope were Satan Incarnate, we ought not to raise up our heads against him . . ” [ read
    The Dialogue ]

    I’m only on chapter 4 (of 14) of Sister M. Pascalina (Josephine) Lehnert’s memoirs of her 40 years serving
    Venerable Pope Pius XII ( Eugenio Pacelli ). But it helps to read SLOWLY an account of a holy, humble,
    NON-time-wasting, servant of the Church In fact, Pacelli’s life and service to the Church is a bright Light
    just before the Nazi darkness and Fatima’s “promised” war “worse than the first”, if people didn’t return to God.

    May I be so bold as to suggest that Sr.Pascalina’s detailed, wonderfully human-and-holy account of her service
    under Pacelli be held up as “the WAY BACK” . . . from Francis’ wildly “human” and UNholy plundering of
    everything truly Catholic, especially by his replacing Holy men and women with unholy entertainers . . not even remotely close to the “simple, modest, humble . . Don Eugenio” of so many years ago . . . in Sr.Pacalina’s words, “Never had we come across such majestic kindness”.

    A profound humility grounded that kindness.

    By writing this account (under obedience to her Religious Superior) —immediately after Ven. Pope Pius XII’s
    death —Sr. Pascalina thereby imbues each memoir with Ven. Pius XII’s kingly clear-headedness. Also, from a little boy to Augustus Cardinal von Galen (future “thorn in the side” of Hitler), everyone experienced the joyful yet sober
    “space” Pacelli/ Pope Pius XII established whenever and wherever Sr. Pascalina was called on to prepare his
    residence . . which, let it be emphasized, was NEVER a plush Palace.

    This is to say nothing of the consummate preparedness and skill with which THIS Vatican’s Envoy untied the
    difficult “knots” of a Mussolini, of a Hitler, or of various other enemies of the Church and of Society.

    A little boy’s “chance” meeting with —and spontaneous question to —Pacelli kind of covers it: ” A boy he had
    often seen at the corner of a house waved to him. This time the boy came up close, looked him up and down, and
    asked, ‘Who are you? You’re so different from other people, you’re so tall, so refined, and have such beautiful
    eyes! Are you perhaps —God?'”

    His Humble Servant: Sister M. Pascalina Lehnert’s Memoirs of Her Years of Service to Eugenio Pacelli, Pope
    Pius XII, transl. from the German [ 10th edition, 1996 ] by Susan Johnson, St.Augusting’s Press South Bend
    Indiana, 2014. Original translation of UK English, edited to U.S. English, explanatory notes and background


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