2 thoughts on “Vigano Has Been Accused of Schism

  1. The schism started at VII; it is only now so flagrant that the CC can no longer turn a blind eye. It cannot be long before Satan’s Plan is fully revealed but we must believe & trust in Our Lady’s counterplot being its Achilles heel, as she said Her Immaculate Heart would triumph in the end.

  2. The present Church is fully invested in Vatican II which was designed to bankrupt the Church, now nearly complete, now accelerated by the Virus. Vatican II defenders are only howling in the wind that day by day blows away the veil and revealing the corruption in the Church.

    Save for a miracle of hierarchical conversion Vatican II is effectively dead and mostly managed by dead souls who lead others down the wide worldly road to hell. The consequences are upon us. The world is descending into chaos. The Great Chastisement has begun.

    We should all celebrate this divine intervention painful as it will be. Because, when it is over, the Catholic Church will return to what God intended it to be; a means to live a holy life on earth with the prospect of eternal life. Let us praise and give glory to God. He has answered our prayers.


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