Vigano: Francis and the Ape of the Church

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Archbishop Vigano is saying that the false Church of Prophecy is upon us, being built at the dictates of the sanity dictatorship as a direct consequence of Vatican 2. See the Vigano post from yesterday for the full uncensored letter on alternative platforms.




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One thought on “Vigano: Francis and the Ape of the Church

  1. Yes Anthony the reality of our Satan infested times are becoming clearer by the day.

    Archbishop Vigano’s letter is further confirmation as it identifies our time as the beginning of the end following the catastrophe of Vatican II for the Catholic Church.

    In 1947 when Fr. Fulton Sheen made his comments foreseeing Vatican II, it was another of the signposts along the way to our present condition. None of this should surprise anyone who trusts in Our Lady’s warnings, who reads the Book of Revelation, or who uses his God given common sense to assess all that has happened during the last year.

    The timetable of how all this plays out is, of course, unknown. Things will surely go from bad to worse until that day God exercises His power and vanquished Satan and all his evil works. Keep the faith. Pray for courage. Say the rosary.


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