Vigano Exposes Francis’ Schemes

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Does anyone else think Vigano is getting more blunt with his language?




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2 thoughts on “Vigano Exposes Francis’ Schemes

  1. Anthony, Vigano is Vigano; I thank the Good Lord that
    he IS “blunt” . . ROOTED IN all of Church HISTORY!

    Your podcast makes me think of multi-lingual Jane
    Scrivener’s diary, Inside Rome With The Germans
    [ a pseudonym for Jessica Lynch of Brooklyn, N.Y.,
    who became Mother Mary St.Luke of the Vatican
    Information Bureau during WW II, and who had
    been in Rome since 1932.

    For us today that title would read: Inside the Vatican
    With The Modernists. There’s a regular WW II style
    aerial dog fight goin’ on up there. The pressure of
    REAL war leads to further “modified” novelties on
    the part of Francis, resisted by the fiercer intensity
    and determination emerging from those defending
    “the Rock that I S Peter [ the Chair of St. Peter
    and the Sacred Deposit of the Faith ].


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