Vigano Exposes Francis’ Plan To Force Catholics Into Schism

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It’s like we’ve been saying for years now, and maybe its going to happen shortly.




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2 thoughts on “Vigano Exposes Francis’ Plan To Force Catholics Into Schism

  1. Bergoglio refuses to offer God the worship which He Himself requires — it isn’t just a matter of declining the ancient celebration of the Holy Sacrifice, but denying it altogether as he did during the medical crisis, saying “Non serviam “ in imitation of his master, the devil. Those who remain with Bergoglio are going the broad way to destruction.

  2. So, what the Church’s Evangelization is always
    after, in implementing Christ’s command, is
    “THE SANITY OF THE GOSPEL”. ( @8:44 ).

    What is the “hockey-stick” in the spokes of that
    moving wheel ?

    On June 13, 1989 —anniversary of the second
    apparition of Fatima —#406g, “The Beast Like
    A Lamb” [ To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons,
    per Fr. Stefan Gobbi of the Marian Movement of
    Priests ]:

    ” . . the beast with the two horns like a lamb,
    indicates Freemasonry infiltrated into the interior
    of the Church, that is to say, ECCLESIASTICAL
    Masonry . . spread especially among the members
    of the hierarchy. This Masonic infiltration, into the
    interior of the Church, was already foretold to you
    by me at Fatima, when I announced to you that
    Satan would enter even to the Summit of the
    Church. The task of ecclesiastical Masonry is
    that of destroying Christ and His Church,
    BUILDING a new idol, namely a FALSE christ
    and a FALSE church.”

    Tell me that Francis isn’t that very builder,
    laying waste Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition,
    Sacred Magisterial Teaching, and the Wisdom
    of the Saints.

    Archbishop Viganò “happens” to be the current
    St.Athanasius raised up by God. He accurately
    calls out Francis’ treachery. At the same time he
    vindicates Christ and His Church.

    Holy Mother Mary never has, and never will,
    permit hierarchy and/or Faithful to say: “I never
    knew !” She has always warned the Church
    well in advance, like a century and more in
    this case . . like a Good Mother.

    What we’re warned of here  —in Canonical
    terms [ see especially Fr.Ripperger ] —is
    IMMANENTISM. Objective Truth has been
    supplanted by subjective feelings [ synodality! ]
    which Francis might be able to FORCE onto
    “the floor” [ of a LONG stretched-out, talked-out
    Synod of WORN-OUT participants! ] but will
    NEVER form into a UNITY . . uniformity maybe
    but never ONE! Apes can’t unify; apes can only
    distract and entertain.

    @8: 25 ff “The morality of IDEOLOGY leads
    you to RIGIDITY . . ” Well, well, well ! Francis
    the NON-rigid-and-merciful has in deed “blown
    his cover”.

    Regarding especially WOMEN Religious Orders
    as targets [ other than their property ], why
    these? Because they are Spiritual MOTHERS
    before the Throne of God, bringing to birth —
    through their 24/7 Adoration —NEW generations
    of children, adopted [ Baptized ] for His Church
    [ and meant for Eternal Praise and Joy with
    God in Heaven ].

    But Marxists, at core ALWAYS lawless and
    anti-Life, will true-to-form attempt to “tie the
    the Tubes” of all, and all prospective, L I V E S
    and L I F E !

    Indeed, the Faithful are once again called to
    become the CHURCH MILITANT ! It means
    that knowledge of the Truth and subsequent
    strategy come first. Feelings, though natural,
    don’t count. The Nazis and Fascists, who
    occupied Rome in 1943, kept the imprisoned
    populace “on their toes”, always scheming
    for new ways to stay out of sight. But no
    bells. Once turfed out by the Allies, only
    then did all of Rome’s bells RING AT THE


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