Vigano Drops A Bombshell Accusation On The Church & Responds To His Traditionalist Critics

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Is criticism of Vigano from traditional Catholics fair?




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11 thoughts on “Vigano Drops A Bombshell Accusation On The Church & Responds To His Traditionalist Critics

  1. God bless this man. God open the ears to those to whom he is speaking to. One man, prophet or not, can not do this alone.

  2. Not sure if the “powers of be” are allowing one good one to hold down the traditionalist foundation thereby keeping trads in the pen. Otherwise without him most of us would have jumped ship

  3. Archbishop Vigano has said here what many of us have wondered about for years. It is only right that an investigation into the conclave begin post haste. So much would be gained from it. Many of us have wondered how it would be possible for a future conclave to elect an orthodox Catholic pontiff what with so many heterodox and liberal Cardinals having been elevated to their posts by the unorthodox Francis. Vigano shows how this could happen. It gave me hope.

  4. I have great respect and love for Vigano. I am always eager to hear what he has to say. I think it’s ridiculous that he’d have critics that say he’s not taking concrete actions to correct what he’s calling out. From my perspective, he’s doing and revealing more than virtuallf every other cardinal or bishop in the world. And he’s been removed from every relevant position for it, so it’s not as if he has a lot of authority to make the necessary changes in the Church.

  5. I greatly believe in Archbishop Vigano. I see him as somewhat of a prophet. I am mostly ignorant on what he can actually do. Does he have any power to affect change in the Church, especially considering his outspokenness against the Pope? Maybe you can enlightened me on what people expect him accomplish? I find this perplexing. What powers does he actually have??

  6. A bombshell? For whom? Best follow Ven. Fulton J. Sheen’s PRACTISE of spending an hour before the Lord DAILY, so that we won’t be scandalized by Truth Sayers like Archbishop Viganò.
    What does “Prairie Gramps Bob” think? Anthony, your quotes from St. Ambrose clinch (for myself anyway) the Archbishop’s sterling character, “Vintage Viganò”. What I mean is, he is a man THOROUGHLY grounded IN HISTORY! And THAT gives him a BALANCED over-view of the merely in-our-faces CURRENT players and commentators and their very often UNSCHOLARLY conclusions.
    At the same time, the Archbishop is also —deeply and personally ! — invested in these same current events, but FAR MORE FRUITFULLY. It’s not just “talk”. It’s certainly not the absence of “action” or “fixing the problem”. Archbishop Viganò “unpacks” —it being the closing weeks of Lent, and, therefore,
    inescapably focusing on the Sorrowful Mysteries — those very mysteries of the Holy LIVING Rosary!
    Yes, “Vintage Viganò !” is what I repeat. Your final quotes of the Archbishop, as to the SPIRITUAL Soul scape that we’re entering into, disposes my own soul for what IT OUGHT TO ENTER INTO, without defences, excuses . . NAKED, as Our Lord Himself [ He Sinless; but not us! ] entered into: the events of Holy Thursday,
    of Good Friday, of Holy Saturday and . . (hold on! let’s get to-and- through each of THESE Holy Days first, as THE CHURCH brings us to them in her compelling and binding Liturgy . . to where the
    good, faithful, and wise Archbishop has brought us: to the sponge of sour wine offered to Jesus on His Cross. Not exactly CocaCola or the endless varieties of sodas, pops, and sugar-loaded drinks we’re addicted to.

  7. Archbishop Vigano did an excellent job of responding to critics. What is meant by the charge,”He doesn’t do anything”? He is sequestered and is somewhat limited but is giving much needed advice and direction, as in his Lenten suggestions. Bergolio’s election requires an investigation- but how would that happen while he is in the power seat? Still, it needs to be pursued. I look forward to Archbishop Vigano’s letters and interviews. He brings clarity and a Catholic perspective to the issues we are dealing with today.

  8. I await to hear everything from Vigano with enthusiasm. I would like to hear what he thinks about the recent consecration. As for the validity of Bergoglio’s pontificate only Holy Mother Church can decide that issue. Though, I will never forget the lightening strike on the dome of St Peter’s on the day that Benedict left. As usual, I will continue to pray for Pope Francis and Pope Benedict emeritus.

  9. I trust Vigano more than anyone else. My trust has not waned at all. It Is fellow traditionalists that have much less of my trust. Divisions abound. Disagreements abound. If one disagrees on a subject a sort of excommunication is issued. Modernism in the hierarchy is often minimized or there exists a lack of understanding in its vile nature. There is also among some groups a willful blindness. If you attend, for example a parish run by the SSPX (it is common in other groups as well) the most ridiculous actions of the clergy or members are ignored. Criticism is not tolerated. No criticism is allowed! No, my trust in Vigano has not waned at all. It is trust in many of my fellow traditionalists that has waned. Vigano’s is the only courageous voice today.

    On the issue of who is legitimately pope, traditionalists are well and deeply divided. At some point the church will need to officially address this. It is serious. Vigano has every right to raise the question and state that it must be officially resolved. But when I heard this news I expect that many traditionalists who believe Bergoglio is the legitimate pope and will bot tolerate the opposing view and its reasons will turn their vitriol towards the good Archbishop as they do towards those who do not hold their position or who at least raise the question or have doubts, especially in light of so many heresies issuing from Bergoglio’s foul mouth. Honest inquiry or doubt is strictly verboten in certain members of the traditionalist movement. Watch! The vitriol will be poured out onto the Archbishop and he will become persona non grata among many. It is the plague of traditionalists that continues to haunt them. And it is ugly. But I have not found one sentence in Archbishop Vigano’s letters so far that indicate anything but a sound reasoning.


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