Vigano: Do We Owe Obedience To A Pope In Error?

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Obviously no, despite what some morons on the internet are now demanding of you. Vigano tells those who will listen what our duties are in times like this.




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2 thoughts on “Vigano: Do We Owe Obedience To A Pope In Error?

  1. While we have been through a dress rehearsal of the greater trials to come, one must wonder what the blessed Archbishop’s instructions look like in relation to the Sacraments. Is there a point where standing at the foot of the cross during a NO Mass becomes an act of participation in sacrilege? (Assuming the TLM has been banned by apostate prelates.) What to do when Confession becomes completely unavailable? Could someone appeal to the good Bishop Schneider, Cdl Zen, as well as historians of the Japanese and English persecutions for suggested concrete practices?

    While in the past it would have seemed insane to consider, let alone voice, would it perhaps be prudent for the laity to consider where they could build priest holes in their homes?

    If, as you have implied in your “We were warned” presentations, this is but a prelude, should we not begin to take such steps that we might have a smooth running network in our local communities should we live to see such times? And pass these practices on to our children and grandchildren? Otherwise, what was the point of such podcasts?


    I think not.

    Thank you for what you do, Anthony.

  2. Archbishop Vigano is entirely correct. There should be no question that the authority of a Pope who proclaims heresy, is an apostate, and was improperly elected in the first place should be totally rejected. We owe no obedience to this false, heretical and usurping “Pope” Bergoglio.

    If the historical doctrinal truths of the Church continue to be contradicted by this false “Pope”, and particularly if he is replaced by someone similarly heretical, Catholics will have no choice but to abandon what has become a false Church of Satan and set up a truly orthodox Catholic Underground Church. Hopefully, Archbishop Vigano will signal the time when such an action must be taken to save our own souls and that of others.


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