Vigano: Catholics Have Forgotten Who We Are

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It’s true, and in his writing he was very clear on how this came to be.



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2 thoughts on “Vigano: Catholics Have Forgotten Who We Are

  1. Agree 100% with Vigano. When God is removed from our life the devil dominates. Vatican II was a work of the devil—a deathwork. And what do we see in a deathwork, which is the corrupting of the good, but disintegration, ugliness, hate, and the stench of evil.

    All of this is before our eyes in all the evil emanations from our Novus Ordo Catholic Church, such as wide spread homosexuality in the clergy, ugly Churches, a lack of reverence at Mass and most obvious of all an anti-pope who celebrates our coming cultural paganism.

    Vatican II was essentially a silent schism. It is high time for Catholics to recognize what has happened to the Church, the world and themselves as a result.

    We should be thankful to God that He has given us Archbishop Vigano as a stand-in Pope to officially clarify the reality of the present fallen Catholic Church. Lord have mercy.


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