Victory For The Church! But Where Are The Bishops?!

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This is why we can’t have nice thanks. But thank you to Christopher Ferrara for standing up for the Church.




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One thought on “Victory For The Church! But Where Are The Bishops?!

  1. Excellent Anthony thanks for the good news and the good idea for bringing back Ember Days. But good news for Catholicism is evidently bad news for most of our Bishops who have become,over the many years since Vatican II, a stumbling block for Catholics as they continue to water down our Faith, lead us into temptation and ultimately the hands of the devil.

    We are now at the 11th hour when our country is on the verge of suffering the full expression of Communist totalitarianism of which Covid-19 was a small preview. And we are also at the 11th hour of God’s patience as He contemplates the timing of the Great Chastisement promised by Our Lady if we didn’t repent and follow the way of Christ.

    We are rather like Abraham bargaining with God about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Let us all ask God to allow Donald Trump four more years to forestall Communism and Archbishop Vigano to be elected Pope to provide a little more time to bring more people back to Christ. Our primary point with God is that so many in the world have been mislead by Vatican II that they no longer are able to discern moral truth and their own state of sin while thinking they will all go to heaven when they pass from this world.


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